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Standard Duvets - Suppliesbnb
Standard Duvets - Suppliesbnb

Standard Duvets

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MicroGel Fiber Duvets

Available Sizes:

  • Twin: 54" x 76
  • Double: N/A
  • Queen: 60” x 80”
  • King: 78” x 80”


  • Washing: Mechanical wash with cold water. Light Dry
  • Stocking Tip: 0:1 - 1:1 -For higher volume listings, it can be smart to carry an extra on hand for when it comes time to wash your Duvets. If you have 2 or more beds, this makes it easy to set up a rotating washing schedule for your Duvets so you can maintain freshness for your guests without interrupting your booking capacity. For lower volume listings, there is usually the time in between bookings to do laundry and 1 Duvet per bed will be fine.


  • 1 Quantity
  • Material: Cotton/Polyester Blend
  • Filling: MicroGel Fiber (Prevents Clumping)


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